X-Rays Go Digital

  • Your donations have upgraded x-rays across the Owen Sound Regional Hospital
  • New portable x-ray and fully renovated/ upgraded x-ray suites
  • Digital radiography improves experience and reduces radiation

New x-ray suites mean faster, better care


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In x-ray they know an image can be worth so much more than that. Staff at the Owen Sound Regional Hospital take more than 34,000 x-rays each year. These scans can diagnose all sorts of things from broken bones to tumors. Amazing donors like you have allowed the hospital to fully upgrade both X-Ray Units and the portable x-ray systems. The second x-ray suite was completed on January 21st, 2022 with a new table, upgraded lead in the walls, and all the supporting equipment.

“X-ray technology has come a long way, and this upgrade is allowing us to maintain our high standard of imaging, while utilizing a much lower radiation dose to our patients (in some cases it is a quarter of what it used to be),” shares Angela Cormack, GBHS Charge Technologist & Clinical Coordinator, “The GBHS Medical Imaging department in Owen Sound is also a teaching site – so having new technology for our students to learn on is great, and provides them the opportunity to work on the best imaging equipment!”

All of the new equipment makes use of Digital Radiography and wireless detector plates. This new technology allows for a faster and more pleasant experience while offering better images. With the old system some scans would require the technicians to remove the plates and download the images to check them. Now images are always uploaded wirelessly. This means x-rays will be faster and more comfortable with less repositioning and repeat scanning.

The new plates also offer more flexibility and work anywhere in the room. This means that someone who just had their knee replaced could stay in their wheelchair or a broken bone might be x-rayed in a more comfortable position.

Thank you for improving the level of care that we can all receive by increasing the x-ray capabilities at the Owen Sound Regional Hospital!


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