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  • Brightshores Health System has an extensive capital process to establish top priorities
  • Only the highest priority equipment receives funding
  • Government provides less than 10% of funds needed for equipment
  • Community support is critical to keeping our hospital well equipped

See Your Gifts At Work

2017 YAG Laser

Dr. Norman Mainville and patient explore the features of the new YAG Laser.  The specialized laser is used to treat a number of eye conditions.  A laser gives out a highly concentrated beam of light used to divide membranes in the eye.  This YAG laser will allow many patients throughout Grey & Bruce Counties to continue seeing the beauty of each day.

$40,000 raised

2016 Automated Medication Cabinets

Brandy Oldham, RPN Megan Vyn, RN Student Donna Boyd, RN Bethany Barber, RPN Student on the hospital’s 8.1 Rehabilitation Unit with their new automated medication cabinet.  The new cabinets bring improvements to patient safety and enable nurses to spend more time with their patients.

$320,000 raised for 7 cabinets

2016 Histology Processor


Karen Melsom, Medical Lab Technologist places tissue samples into the Lab’s new histology processor.  This piece of equipment removes all water from samples as the first step in preparing slides for examination under the microscope by 5 pathologists working in Owen Sound

$80,000 raised

2016 NuStep Machine


Jennifer Ames, Physiotherapist works with patient, Keith Mayheu on a NuStep machine.  After a stroke, these accessible machines aid in increasing strength and regaining mobility.

$6,500 raised

2016 Transfusion Fridge


Medical Lab Technologists, Heather Hill and Danielle Watson with their new transfusion fridge, which keeps blood and blood products at precise temperatures to preserve them as long as possible.

$12,000 raised

2016 Pathology Microscopes


Dr. Ken Newell, Pathologist and Dr. Ardit Deliallisi, Chief of Pathology review a case on one of their new microscopes.  Their team of 5 pathologists review about 10,000 cases each year to diagnose cancer and other disease.

$75,000 raised for 3 microscopes

2016 Ultrasound Processor

Diagnostic Imaging

Alicia Fischer, Ultrasound Technologist demonstrates one of two new ultrasound processors purchased for her department.  These clean probes used during ultrasound testing right in the unit, reducing time between tests.

$50,000 raised for 2 units

2016 Infant Incubators

Intensive Care Nursery

Heather Christie, RN works with a young patient in the Intensive Care Nursery.  Incubators provide a quiet, warm enviroment so babies get the best start possible.

$75,000 raised for 3 incubators

Thanks so much for your support of urgently needed medical equipment!!


Pacemaker Management Software
Hematology Analyser
Cardiac Monitors
CT Scanner
Interventional Radiology Suite


OR Tables
Fetal Monitor System


Ultrasound Unit
Histology Coverslipper
Cardiac Monitor System


Mammography Redevelopment
2nd Echocardiograhy Unit
Nurse Call Systems


Portable heart rhythm recorders
Cooling blanket
6 ECG Machines


2 Portable Ultrasound Machines
7 Cystoscopes – Ambulatory Care
Stress Echocardiogram


Nuclear Medicine/Spect CT
Cardiac Monitors – NICU
Minimally Invasive Surgical Equipment


Orthopaedic Surgical Equipment
X-ray fluoroscope


Anaesthesia Monitors
2 OR tables
OR Instruments
Microbiology Analyser
2 Chemistry Analysers


Wireless Cardiac monitors
Transport monitors

and $millions more……

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