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Your donation can change a life, a family, a future.

Your secure online donation will help build a first of its kind facility in Canada. It will provide OHIP covered wraparound Mental Health & Addiction services and supports.

Help people like “Sarah” get the space and resources they want, need and deserve.

My main goal is getting up, working, being happy, being alive, having friends and having a good life. I was at detox recently, stayed 7 days. I wanted to do the Community Addiction Treatment Services program but they were full so I had to go back home. It’s so hard because drugs are around me 24/7. They’re in my home. I have been working on safe housing options for months and there is nothing. If there was a place that was safe, that supported my sobriety, that I could go to work and come home and there were no drugs, my life would be a lot different.”

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