In Memory Night Virtual Event

Please join us as we celebrate and remember your loved ones that joined our Wall of Remembrance in 2022.

The Event will stream live on May 11th at 7:30pm.

Full program available by clicking here.

Questions? Please contact Chris Doyle, Foundation Associate (Community Giving) at 519-372-3925 or


Butterfly Poem


When a butterfly comes to you, I’ve been told,
That it’s from someone who we can no longer see, a past soul.
It you keep a look out, if you open your heart,
The thing that were ordinary will now stand apart.
I think if we look, read between the lines,
You will find clues and you will find signs,
That your loved one isn’t past, not really, not gone,
That they are not here,, that they have just moved on.
It is said that there is not death, just life and transitions,
From the teachings of Buddha to the beliefs of the Christians.
So from my heart, from my hope and belief,
May you find many butteflies to assist with your grief.

-Unkown Author