Current Needs:

Needs for 2022-2023

  • GBHS uses an extensive capital process to prioritize needs
  • Only the highest priorities receive funding
  • Government funds less than 10% of medical equipment
  • Check our out “Ways to Give” pages

Equipment plays a critical role at the Owen Sound Regional Hospital. It allows doctors, nurses and technical staff to offer the latest in tests and procedures to patients from across the region. Having services available here can make a lifesaving difference! A well-equipped Hospital also saves patients from having to travel to larger centers for medical care, and it helps us to recruit and keep doctors and other medical professionals here.

Ambulatory & Emergency Care

Compartment Syndrom Monitor


Digital paediatric/infant scale [Funded]


Handheld Tonometer

Handheld tonometer


Digital Stand on Scale


Cardiac Care

Cardiac Stress Testing Equipment [Funded]

Used to diagnose heart disease and monitor recovery. Current equipment can no longer be serviced, repaired, or updated. Used in about 260 exams a year.

$130,800 needed

Pumps & Specialty Mattress

$24,749 needed

Custom Convertible Mattress Low Air Loss

$6,473 needed

Two Ambulatory Blood Pressure Machines


7 day Holter Monitors

$15,500 needed

Diagnostic Imaging

Ultrasound Units for Replacement

Will improve image quality and have HEPA filter probe storage cabinets. Standard model used across all GBHS hospitals reduces training needed for staff.

$255,000 needed

Interentional Radiology Ultrasound Unit Replacement

Used daily to monitor minimaly invasive procedures (PICC line insertions, abscess drains, tube placements, etc.) that would have previously required surgeries.

$83,640 needed

EEG Equipment Replacement

$66,519 needed

Trophon High-Level Disinfecting Units

$89,250 needed


Blanket Warmer

$8,200 needed

TV's and Dialysis Chairs

Six Dialysis Chairs and Televisions

$6,000 needed

Food Services

Burlodge Cart


Freezer Rooms



Immunohistochemistry Stainer

Required for disease diagnosis to identify specific tumour markers and determine whether tumours are malignant or benign. Can also determine the stage and grade of tumours, identify cell types, and help figure out where the cancer started. 2,517 special stains and 13,025 immune stains ordered in 2019.

$105,000 needed.


Mictromes are used to cut tissue so that it can be placed on slides for further testing. It is an intricate and challenging task. This would acquire one manual Microtome ($29,900) and one automatic Microtome ($51,750) for the lab. The labs current Microtomes are 13-15 years old and will no longer be maintained due to age.

$81,650 needed

Blood Culture Monitoring System

Can detect positive blood cultures in real time. Will alarm as soon as growth is detected to notify staff and start treatment as soon as possible. Would improve patient outcomes and reduce length of stay in the hospital.

Lab processes 800 cultures a year, the new system would use culture bottles that cost half as much as the old ones.

$106,000 needed.

Medical & ICU

Bronchoscopy Tower and Scopes

$96,000 needed

Point of Care Ultrasound

$68,000 needed

Bariatric Chair

$7,500 needed


Cerner Oncology Powerchart

Comprehensive oncology system that stores and tracks all patient data throughout the cancer journey. Will improve patient safety and staff efficiency.

$1,957,430 needed


Dining Room Update

$22,000 needed


RAPIDai software

Processes scans in as little as three minutes to identify potential blockages in the brain after a stroke. Delivers clear, easy to interpret images that make for timely diagnosis and decision making which is crucial if a transfer is required for surgery (Endovascular Thrombectmy) to remove the blocakge.

$52,000 needed

Three Holter Monitors

Diagnostic tool for patients experiencing stroke symptoms. It aides in determing the casue of stroke which leads to ensuring appropirate treament and medication plan. Can help to prevent another stroke. The number of patients in the Stroke Prevention Clinic has grown by more than 100% from 2016 – 2021. Three additonal holiter monitors would reduce waitlist times and ensure timely testing and treatment.

$27,000 needed

Bladder Scanner

Used to monitor how full a person’s bladder is which can be necessary for patients who can’t speak after a stroke. Helps reduce  UTI, falls, discomfort and more.

$16,000 needed

Surgical & Operating Room

Pumps & Specialty Mattresses


Custom Convertible Mattresses & Pressure Guard


Patient Lift


Women & Childcare

Portable Ultrasound for Labour and Delivery [Funded]

Used for looking at the position of the fetus before birth, to help understand the progression of labour, and fetal movement. Will provide better clearer imaging that could lead to better outcomes for patients (both those giving birth and those being born).

$43,196 needed

Fetal Monitor

$25,000 needed

BiliSoft Bili Blanket

Used to treat neonatal jaundaice this device allows for the babies to leave the isolette incubator for breastfeeding and cuddling with parents. This would free up staff during feedings and improve care for babies and parents.

$9,733 needed

Two Infant Weigh Scales [Funded]

All medications are based on baby’s weight making this a crucial peice of equipment.

$7,508 needed

Other Needs

Staff Training

The Foundation provides funding each year for the education and training of staff directly involved in patient care. The funds are administered by the Human Resources Department.

$25,000 needed

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