This year you can gift nurses the freedom to move seamlessly from patient to patient.

It might look like just a computer monitor mounted on a cart but a fully equipped Workstation on Wheels (WoW) is a nurse’s portable office.

These mobile workstations allow nurses to access essential patient information at the bedside, safely store medications for distribution, and carry around other tools like gloves and syringes.

My name is Kylie Nowak and I want to thank you for supporting such an essential piece of equipment. As a nurse for 36 years I know how absolutely critical workstations are to ensuring fast, effective healthcare throughout the hospital. As Manager of Medicine at Brightshores Owen Sound, I know these new mobile workstations will make life easier for our incredible nurses and allow them to spend more time with patients and their families.

Together we can improve care one patient at a time.

Your generous gift will make a difference in our hospital and we truly appreciate your support. By becoming a Guardian Angel, you will be helping local nurses and local patients.

Please help to equip our nurses with the up to date mobile workstations they need to do their jobs most efficiently.

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