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The Foundation

  • Established in 1982 to equip a new regional health centre which opened in 1986
  • Independent of Brightshores Health System the foundation is volunteer led
  • The foundation raise funds for medical equipment, facility improvements, staff training and research

Brightshores Health System Owen Sound Foundation


Brightshores Health System Owen Sound Foundation exists to support healthcare in our region by funding equipment, renovations, staff training and reserach at Brigthshores hospitals and facilities.

This mission goes all the way back to 1982 when the foundation was first formed to help equip a new hospital for the area. Known at the time as the Grey Bruce Regional Health Centre Foundation staff and volunteers helped raise more than $16 million in support for the new hospital which opened in 1986.

Since that time the foundation’s goals have never changed: quality care close to home for Grey and Bruce residents.

The foundation changed it’s name in 2010 (Owen Sound Regional Hospital Foundation) and again in 2024 (Brightshores Health System Owen Sound Foundation). Both changes were done to help ensure a consistent clear association with the hospital and health system we support.

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